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The President is:

   - the chief executive officer of the Chapter and

   - the Chairman of the Board of Directors,

The Presidents authorities include:

   - the authority to enter into and sign contracts in the name of the Chapter whenever such contracts are authorized by the  

         Board of Directors,

   - the authority to make committee appointments,

   - the authority to make deposits and withdrawals of the Chapter's funds for Chapter purposes

The Presidents duties include:

   - chairing the monthly meetings,

   - determine a president's choice item in advance of each meeting

   - chairing all Board of Director meetings,

   - hold a Board of Directors meeting if he or she deems necessary,

   - appoint a membership chairman

   - develop a budget to bring to the Board of Directors,

Election of officers and members at large

   - hold a meeting of the Board of Directors within 30 days of the annual election of Officers and Directors.

   - October meeting

          present a slate of officers to the members

          accept floor nominations

   - November meeting

          call for a vote on the slate of officers

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