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Meeting Schedule


January 8

Demonstration: Segmented Beads of Courage Vessels by Terry Tjaden

Presidents choice: 2x4 Challenge

Turn something using a 16" piece pf construction-grade 2 X 4 and using no other wood, screws, nails or other       

fasteners (glue only)

February 11

Food safe finishes by Ken Walston

Presidents choice: A segmented turning

March 11

Demonstration: Lids for bowls by Jim Beaman

Presidents choice: A piece with added color

April 8

Demonstration: Shop safety and band saw adjustment by Ken Tower

Presidents choice: A lidded box

May 13

Demonstration: Simple segmented bowls by Frank Pickett

Presidents choice: Something A la J. Paul Fennel

June 10

Bowl from a board by Ken Walston

Presidents choice: A turning that tells a story, or has a story

July 8

Demonstration: How to make and use laser printers by John Nicholson and Adrian Barton

Presidents choice: An item for the Diaper Bank

August 12

Demonstration: CNC uses, capabilities and availabilities + brief review of Xerocraft by Terry Glover & John Nicholson

Presidents choice: Something turned and carved

September 9

Demonstration: Making and sharpening turning tools by Jim Beaman

Presidents choice: 5 Pens for Troops or 5 Purple heart pens

October 14

Demonstration: Turning a lidded box in an hour by Ken Walston

Presidents choice: A Beads of Courage bowl/box

November 11

Demonstration: Inlaying color by David Windsor

Presidents choice: A toy

December 9

Demonstration: Christmas party

Presidents choice: A Christmas ornament

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