Meeting Schedule


January 8

Demonstration: Sharpening circular saw blades by Ken Walston

Presidents choice: 2x4 Challenge

Turn something using a 16" piece pf construction-grade 2 X 4 and using no other wood, screws, nails or other       

fasteners (glue only)

February 12

Demonstration: Cancelled

Presidents choice: The oldest item you turned that you still have

March 12

Demonstration: Audiovisual capabilities by Chris Eggers

Presidents choice: A turned item that did not come out as expected

April 9

Demonstration: Turning a spatula by Bob Goulding

Presidents choice: A bird's mouth bowl

May 14

Demonstration: Turning a scoop by Jim Beaman

Presidents choice: A spatula

June 11

Demonstration: Picture frames by Jerry Markantel

Presidents choice: A scoop

July 9

Demonstration: Turning tulips (photo) by Bob Goulding

Presidents choice: Something that ended up different than what it started to be due to a design change

August 13

Demonstration: Bolo ties by Frank Pickett

Presidents choice: One or more turned flowers

September 10

Demonstration: Threaded jar lids by Sam Scalzo

Presidents choice: 5 Pens for Troops or 5 Purple heart pens

October 8

Demonstration: Celtic knots by Jim Beaman

Presidents choice: A Beads of Courage bowl/box

November 12

Demonstration: Turning a Natural edge Bowl by Bob Goulding

Presidents choice: A toy

December 10

Demonstration: Christmas party

Presidents choice: A Christmas ornament