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The Treasurer is responsible for:

   A. General Responsibilities:

        1. Handling and depositing all SAZWA's funds.

        2. Keeping all financial records.

        3. Providing a quarterly report to the Board of Directors of all receipts, disbursements, and monies on deposit.

        4. The treasurer is the owner of the SAZWA Wells Fargo business checking account.

        5. The treasurer is responsible for paying the website accounts.

   B. Specific Duties

        1. At each meeting

                - give a financial report on the status of all club funds.

                - write checks for gallery winners, the demonstration and to reimburse members for payments made on behalf of the club.

                - collect the 50/50 receipts and pay the winner.

                - collect all dues payments from the Membership chairman.

                - collect any other funds such as from sandpaper sales, raffles or club sales.

        2. After each meeting

                - enter all receipts and payments in a check register.

                - transfer the data from the check register to the monthly report.

                - provide the webmaster a pdf copy of the financial report for the Member Resources website page.

       3. At the end of each month.

               - file all the financial records for the month.

       5. At the end of the year

                - use the monthly financial reports to create an annual financial summary (the forms are on the Leadership page

                     in both excel and numbers format.

                - request the Webmaster delete the monthly financial reports from the Member Resources page and add the

                     annual financial summary.

                - combine the monthly pdf reports into a full record for the year and request the Webmaster add it to Leadership

                     page of the website.

       6. At the beginning of the new  year the Treasurer should develop a preliminary budget for the new President.

       7. Manage the Wells Fargo checking account.

               - manage the Key Executive.

               - manage authorized signers.

       8. Pay the rent for the use of the Flowing Wells auto shop classroom.

       9. Order and pay the AAW insurance.

       10. Manage the website accounts.

       11. Christmas party

       12. IRS 990-N form (email notification to

   C. Maintain all financial records according to the IRS requirements for a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

        1. In addition to the current year retain financial records for the previous three years.

       2. Maintain an asset inventory that includes the value of each asset and the receipt for its purchase.

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