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Ken Walston  -   Inlay materials and Hollow forms (Ken's home, east side, 749-2192,


                           Free by appointment

Dave Windsor - Inlaying, Dying and green wood turning (Dave's home east side, 520-300-1829,

                           Demo/Observe/Hands on

                           Free by appointment

Terry Glover  -   Xerocraft hacker space (101 E 6th St. Tucson, 520-290-8503,

                           Wodworking safety, wood turning. metal lathe/mill safety, welding, tool making, sewing, laser printer/cutter

                           3-D printing, electronics, soldering and more -see website

                           Demonstrations/workshop/ 1 on 1/ mentoring

                           Free - recommended Xerocraft donation

Jim Beaman  -   Turning skills (Jim's shop south west Tucson, 520-331-2755,

                           Tool sharpening, tool techniques, bowls, lidded boxes, ornaments, art objects, using wood and brass,

                            tool handles

                           3 hour hands on sessions

                           $25 per hour

Sam Scalzo  -    Pen making and small turning (Sam's home, 22nd & Wilmot, 520-400-5540,

                           Pens, small turnings, sharpening, ornaments and more

                           Free - hands on


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