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Library Books

Library books can be checked out at meetings,

See Jim Miller or Beau Alexander

Artistic Woodturning by Dale L. Nash (1986)

Bandsaw Cliff Notes by Alex Snodgrass

Basic Woodturning Techniques by David Regester (1993)

Beneath The bark by Kip W. Christensen & Dale L. Nish (2004)

Creative Woodturning by Dale L. Nish (1975)

Decorative Techniques for Woodturners by Hilary Brown (1997)

Ellsworth on Woodturning by Davis Ellsworth (2008)

Fabulous Turned Projects by Harm Hazeu, Tim Bergen et al (2005)

Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning by Doc Green (2011)

Lathe Turned Objects by Harm Hazeu, Tim Bergen et al (2005)

Learn to Turn by Barry Gross

Making Jigs and Fixtures by Nick Engler

Master Woodturners by Dale L. Nish (1986)

Woodworking Projects for the Home by Popular Science (1973)

Projects for the Mini Lathe by Dick Sing (2005)

Projects for Woodturners by Chris Childs (2003)

Proven Shop Tips by Fine Woodworking

River of Destiny by Kevin Wallace (author & Binh Pho (Illustrator) (2006)

Small and Exciting Woodworking Projects by James A. Jacobson (1994)

Small Woodturning Projects with Bonnie Klein by Bonnie Klein(2013)

Small Workshop Dust Control by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

Southwest Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni by Allan Hayes & John Bloom (2015)

The Art of Segmented Woodturning by Malcolm Tibbitts (2005)

The Art of the Lathe by Patric Speilman

The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan (2008)

The Fundamentals of Segmented Woodturning byJames Rogers (2016)

Fundamentals of Woodturning by Mike Darlow (2007)

The Pen Turners Workbook by Barry Green

The Woodturners Workbook by Ray Key (1993)

The Workers FAQ Book by Fred Holder

Turned Boxes 50 Designs by Chris Stott (2002)

Turning Boxes and Spindles by David Regester (1995)

Turning Green Wood by Michael O'Donnell

Turning Pens and Desk Accessories by Mike Cripp (1997)

Turning Toys with Richard Raffan by Richard Raffan (2013)

Turning Wood With Carbide Tools by John English (2012)

Wood Lathe Projects by Dick Sing (1997)

Woodworkers Handbook by Ray Kee

Woodturning A Foundation Course by Keith Rowley

Woodturning a Source Book of Shapes by John Hunnex (1993)

Woodturning Methods by Mike Darlow (2008)

Woodturning Today by AAW

Woodturning with Ray Allen by Dale L. Nish (2004)

Woodworking Machines by Fine Woodworking (2005)

Woodworking Notes by Allen Batty

Woodworking Wisdom by Nick Engler (1997)

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