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Club History

       History of the formation of Southern Arizona Woodturners Association


History of the formation of Southern Arizona Woodturners AssociationThe Club was formed by the following: Jim Beaman, Art Zirnheld, George Lewis, Bob Willman, Richard Anderson, Lynne Yamaguchi, Wally Dickerman, and Sam Scalzo. 

After many, many meetings the following agreed to hold offices. Jim Beaman: President, George Lewis: Vice President, Dick Anderson: Secretary, Sam Scalzo: Treasurer, and board members were Bob Willman, Wally Dickerman, Lynne Yamaguchi, and Art Zirnheld. 

The first meeeting was held January 15, 2005 at Raytheon, the former Hughes Aircraft Plant. The club met as guests of the Woodchippers of Raytheon. 

At the first meeting 65 people signed up to become members. It has grown from that to 80 plus. The first officers elected were the original officers that formed the club. Lynne Yamaguchi became the clubs first web-master. Lynne did an outstanding job in setting up the club web site. 

The club was honored to have the president of AAW, Phil Brennion at the February 15, 2005 meeting. Phil has been very active in promoting chapter development throughout the country and had a personal role in helping start three Arizona chapters. 

SAZWA is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of woodturning. Like SAZWA, AAW is open to anyone who has an interest in woodworking. Members of AAW include all levels of woodturners, as well as institutions, other people interested in out craft. Membership in AWW connects you with a worldwide community of others interested in woodturning and includes a subscription to AMERICAN WOODTURNER ("The most informative and widely read woodturning publication in the world.") 

Dues were set at $25.00 per year with a one time additional fee of $10.00 which was for a name badge. Family membership dues were set as $35.00 a year. Any member 18 years of age or younger shall be exempt from paying annual dues. 

The meetings are to be held on the second Saturday of each month.

                              SAZWA HISTORY UPDATE: JUNE, 2012

On January 9, 2010, the SAZWA club moved from Raytheon to Flowing Wells High School wood shop. Ken Tower, a retired shop teacher from that school set this up. Since then, he has opened and closed the shop each month for us. A big thank you goes out to him for this service. Our meetings continue on the second Saturday month. 

The club continues to hold it's annual Christmas party in December of each year.

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