July 9, 2022

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Lyle Tweet

A head count at the start of the meeting determined that 29 people were present.  The sign in sheet shows
24 members and one guest signed in.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN THE ATTENDANCE LIST

Minutes from the meeting of June 11, 2022 were discussed.  Motion to approve by Sam Scalzo and seconded by Jim Beaman. Unanimous vote to approve with no corrections or modifications.

Treasurer’s report: The treasurers report was provided in writing. There was currently $6,193.26 in  the club checking account and $5,195.82 in the CD. The checking account balance was down more than  $320.00 from the previous month.  President Tweet advised the members that a printed spread sheet was  available showing detailed club income and expenses for the current year.

Committee reports:

Toys: Frank Pickett reported that he has wheels and axel pins available.  A total number of toys
completed to date would not be available until later in the year. All toys must be turned in by the  beginning of December.

Beads of Courage: Ken Tower reported that 75 Beads of Courage boxes had been delivered
so far this year. Those have been made by 14 club members. The goal for the project is to turn over 150  boxes by the end of the year with the goal also that every member make at least one.
Doodle Boxes: Frank Pickett reported that more than 290 doodle boxes had been turned in and were completed with more in process.  Terry Glover reported that doodle box kits were available at the meeting for members to assemble.

Pens for troops: Martha Garcia reported that 1,262 pens have been turned in so far this
year. She reported that it was doubtful that the clubs would reach their goal of turning in 2,000 pens this year. Completed pens need to be turned in by October to meet the Wood Craft deadline.

Purple Heart pens: Ken Tower reported that 180 completed pens had been turned in and a
majority of those had already been distributed to Purple Heart medal recipients. 20 kits remain in process with members.


Diaper bank:  Jim Payne reported that craft donations to the Diaper Bank need to be turned induring the August and September meetings in order to be available for the October fundraising auction.

Old business:

AV System. A list of equipment that needs to be replaced has been created but there are no
funds in the budget to replace those items this year.  Chris Eggers and Frank Pickett reported that they had examined the status of the TV units, both cameras and a number of cables.  One TV is broken.  The electronic box components have not yet been tested.  Those will be taken to Ken Walston after the meeting so that they can be tested.  Until those are tested and repaired, the club does not have recording  capability for demonstrations.  

Website. The website is operational.  One member who reviewed the site reported an issue
with one link not functioning correctly.  That will be corrected in the near future.

Club Flier. The fliers showing the Community Service Project activities of both SAZWA and
Desert Woodcrafters are being distributed.
New Business:

Publicity: Frank Pickett was congratulated for his recent TV news appearance promoting
Desert Woodcrafters and SAZWA.

Jim Click Raffle: Paul Newell reported that he had raffle tickets available for the Jim Click
Charity Raffle.  The tickets are provided to non-profit organizations as fund raisers.  The organizations sell the tickets and keep 100% of the sales price.  The ticket stubs are turned in and are eligible for prizes.  First prize is a new vehicle.  Second prize is two first-class, round-trip airline tickets to any destination in the world at the winners choosing.  Third prize is $5,000. Tickets are $25 each or 5 tickets for $100.  The deadline to purchase tickets is the November meeting.  The drawing will be held in December.

Instant gallery was presented by Jim Beaman. 13 projects were on display.  

Presidents Choice was an item that started as one thing and ended as something completely different.  Three projects were on display.  Each member was asked to describe what the original project was intended to be and then describe what occurred to change the end result.  A number of completed community projects were also on display.

50/50 drawing: Ticket sales generated $105 in funds for the drawing.  The winner was John
Nicholson with $52 to John and $53.00 to the club.
Bring back drawing: The bring back item was a turned scoop made by Terry Glover and won by Sam Scalzo.  

A large Buckeye burl was donated for auction by Chris Eggers.  The winning bid was $25 with the proceeds going to the club.  

Next meeting will be held August 13, 2022.
Presidents Choice will be a turned tulip.  
The demonstration for August will be turning a bolo tie by Frank Pickett.  
Meeting adjourned at 9:34 a.m.

Today’s demonstration was How to Turn a Tulip by Bob Goulding.

Secretary Chris Roads