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American Woodturner

Library magazines can be checked out at meetings,

See Jim Miller or Beau Alexander

AAW Project Book

March 1992 V7 #1: Turned birdhouses, Sand shaker, History of the pole lathe, Flywheel treadle lathe.

June 1992 V7 #2: Starting woodturning on a budget, Truce with the skew, Sandblasting, Specs
for functional bird houses.

September 1992 V7 #3: Dave Hardy's miniature castles, Music bowls, Stacked-ring bowls, Candle
ornaments, Rollo Lyman.

December 1992 V7 #4: Making successful miniatures, Case for clocks, Christmas tree finial, Turning domestic -- Christmas trees, Scratch your own back, Turning shadows.

June 1993 V8 #2: Simple turned table leg, Unintentional furniture, Shaping the outside of a vessel, Yo-Yos, Removing vibration from your lathe, Building a bowl lathe, Turner's tips.

September 1993 V8 #3: Production jewery: Mini-sculptures, Turn a twist pen, Turning the pith out
of wood, Centering the pith for turning, AAW's symposium.

June 1994 V9 #2: Form and texture, Carving. Turning, Wood as canvas, Turning a wedding vessel, Dangerous dust, Small treasures, Jigs for finishing bowl bottoms.

September 1994 V9 #3: Book and video review, Turning discoveries, Revelations of a flat-wood convert, Ornamental oval ornaments, Composite bowls Florentine lamps, Turning trophy bowls.

December 1994 V9 #4: Turning in Japan, How Rude makes candlesticks, Workpiece-powered sanding, Ringed rattle, Boxes with snap-on lids, Segmented urns.

March 1995 V10 #1: Turning plus, Sneaky bowls, Tuning up your lathe, Close-tolerance nesting, Herculean turning, Balusters of yesteryear.

June 1995 V10 #2: Laminated and segmented turning, Rediscovering polychrome, Introduction to chucking, Glued-up turning, Glue face plate, Mini kiln, Turning ,decorating and hollowing spheres.

1996 V11 # 1: Linquist retrospective, Segmented turnings, Avoiding catches, Chatter work, Second annual AAW chapters exhibition.

March 1997 V12 #1: Turned bird Houses, Todd Hoyer, Pierced hollow turnings, The side-ground gouge, Woodturning in Australia.

September 1997 V12 #3: Turning for furniture, Antique containers, Segmented decoration, Design& narrative, San Antonio symposium.

December 1997 V12 #4: Festive projects, Carving turned work, Mandreled boxes,World turning conference, Classic gate leg revisited.

Summer 1998 V13 #2: Angular turning, Wind chimes, Wooden tops, Stack laminated bowls, Shop-built dust collector, Bowl kiln, Turned torsos, Turn a boat.

Spring 2001 V16 #1: Turned tops, Metal and wood, Moviestar turner, Eggshell textures, Making.

Summer 2001 V16 #2: Symposium roster, Turning bedposts, David Nittmann, Looking for inspration, Ray Key - 2001 AAW Lifetime award.

Fall 2001 V16 #3: Turning a stool, Trent Bosch, Carving on bowls, Colorful members gallery, The joy of turning - ST. Paul.

Winter 2001 V16  #4: Turning Ivory nuts, Curt Theobald, Holiday ornaments, Scalloped footed box.

Spring 2002 V17 #1: Large segmented bowls, Remembering Rude, Laser measuring, Work of Al Stirt.

Summer 2002 V17 #2: Symposium roster, Surface design, Water-based finishes, Turned paperweights, Nick Cook.

Winter 2002 V17 #4: Turning trembleurs, Richard Raffan, Inlaying stone, Turning ornaments, Finishing in a flash.

Summer 2005 V20 #2: Celebrate lidded boxes, Texture tool, Soft disks, Shellac, Jane and Arthur Mason advocates of the art, Playing with fire: How to add a burned rim.

Fall 2005 V20 #3: Tree topper, Point tool, 24hour bowl, Paper weights, Symposium coverage, Oz exhibit, Goblets galore.

Winter 2005 V20 #4: Australian gallery, Lidded ball, Ornaments, Segmented school, Layered bowls

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