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AAW Insurance

AAW purchases insurance for all chapters that paid for insurance the previous year. Each chapter then reimburses AAW. An invoice for the insurance can be requested in February but the invoices may not be sent out until March.

Flowing Wells High School requires a current certificate of liability. We are covered in February and March even if we have not yet received and paid the invoice but we can still get a certificate of liability.

Insurance invoice (the current president and treasurer can request an invoice)

    Log onto the AAW website

    Click on <Chapters> on the main menu

    Choose <Chapter Officer Tool Kit> on the drop down menu

    Choose <Insurance> from the Chapter Officer Tool Kit menu

    Fill out thr request form at the bottom of the page

    Information required

        Email address of the person submitting the request (resident or treasurer)

        Chapter name (Southern Arizona Woodrurners Associon, Inc.

        The current chapter's president's name

        Choose "Yes send us an invoice for $200"

        The name of the person submitting the request (yes you enter it twice)

        Email address of the person submitting the request

    AAW will email the submitter the invoice.

   The has a number to call to pay by phone using a Wells Fargo   debit card.

Certificate of liability

    The invoice has the phone number to call to have a the certificate sent to Flowing Wells

    Currently Barbara McCanney:

        Phone 888-467-3557  (preferred method of contact)


    Currently the certificate goes to Teressa Austin

        Phone 520-696-8813

        Email (preferred method)

        Mailing address

            1556 Prince Rd

            Tucson, AZ 85705











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